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Hermit Studio Games: Gaming On The Shoulders of Giants


Do you want to know where our “Gaming On The Shoulder of Giants” slogan comes from? Well as anyone in any creative industry knows there is rarely a completely original thought: everything is built upon the foundations of the ideas set down by those who have gone before. In turn we will do the same for the next generation; recycling and rebooting those stories we love, or borrowing ideas from many places and bringing them together in new ways. This is the creative cycle. As the great Oscar Wilde said “Talent borrows, genius steals”.

We at Hermit Studio believe in easy to use games with real substance: matching the complexity of Old School RPG’s with paper, models, and dice for example, but modernised with today’s technologies so they are accessible to everyone. These are games we grew up on, these are the giants we stand upon now to continue the cycle of great gaming. This is why we choose the slogan ‘Gaming On The Shoulder Of Giants’ as a sign of respect for those who have gone before us.

Since this blog has needed the banner redone for a while now, we managed to put up a new one yesterday with this slogan in mind. It’s just a first attempt. What does everyone think? Is the font legible enough?

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