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Niamh Brown is a British Web Developer and Writer of Speculative Fiction who has emigrated to Denmark. She is Web Developer, Publisher, and Writer for NovoPulp and Hermit Studio.

Hermit Studio Games Blog Is Going Dark

Going Dark

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The Games I Played This Week Blog

PlanetSide 2 - By The Games I Played This Week

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Since we discovered Drupal last September things have been a little slow in the games project division, as we have refocused a lot of our efforts into web development. However this month Hermit Studio founder Ted Ewen started up a new game review blog called The Games I Played This Week (a.k.a. TGIPTW).

In much the same style of the Fast Show character Jesse, who became famous for the line “This week I ‘ave mostly been eating…“, the blog will do the same for gaming reviews (although with little more detail than Jesse ever did). Here is a extract from the opening post of the TGIPTW blog to give you a better description:

“I’m pretty much going to do what the domain says I will: talk about the games I played this week. They will not necessarily be the latest releases or the most anticipated titles, and they may not necessarily change every week, but they will be the games I have played.  I will try to bring out aspects of game play or interface which have caught my attention while I play and to share any inspirations I might find…” – Ted Ewen

It is of course early days as TGIPTW is still being developed so there isn’t lot there right now. We would however appreciate your support, shares and feedback on The Games I Played This Week – both on the new blog itself or here at Hermit Studio Games .

We hope you enjoy it 😀

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Where photography meets gaming…

Hermit Studio Photography

Behind you Mr Rabbit!

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