Cyrano: Against The One Hundred

As this is to be our first released game and we will also be starting off with the learning curve for Unity and PlayMaker Development. So we plan to start with Cyrano ‘The Cube Wars’ and build up the game from a piece of grit, adding layer and layer of functionality and form until we get a polished pearl of a game. The end result that we hope to reach for the game Cyrano: Against The One Hundred is a three dimentional role playing game where you are the sword-wielding soilder and poet Cyrano De Bergerac; fighting against one hundred men that were sent after a fellow poet and friend. When you confront members of the one hundred, the game zooms down into a more tradtional top down Game Board suspended in 3D space, where you can throw daggers and furniture in taverns or go swordfighting in the streets of 17th century France. Win over the crowds as you fight and they may even help you out. Cyrano beat one hundred men in one night – can you?

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