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Cyrano and Other Hermit Games: Development Update


It’s been a while since we had an update at this blog, as there has been a bit more activity on the photography and main studio blog as of late. A lot of it too has been down to business setup since we have finally registered the studio recently and have a lot to do to get this ready for September 1st when we start officially trading.

Because of this diversion in energy away from the Cyrano Against The One Hundred game we have had some time to reflect on the progress of the game so far: we have about 75-80% of the first phase game mechanics (although we have many plans for expansion in future versions), the next really big job is going to be the graphics boost as they say in game dev story. We have come to the realisation there is a lot more work here than we planned and know we will need to out source most of it (unless we hear from some willing Volunteers or get Donations) and it is going to be costly.

So instead we have decided to put a pin in Cyrano development and work on a couple of smaller 2D games to hopefully raise the funds needed to put towards the Cyrano project later on. In a way it has been good going through this process learning Unity, PlayMaker and iGUI on the job whilst developing the Cyrano Against The One Hundred game, as it means we have a better understanding of how to design and develop the new games: one of which will be a puzzle game and another a ‘pick your own adventure’ style game.

Although we are not ready to reveal the full game concepts yet, once we are you will be the first to know 😀

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Welcome To Hermit Studio Games

Hermit Studio Games is a project division within Hermit Studio, housed at Hermit House, outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on the creative arts. We believe that gaming, writing,  the graphic arts, music and the interplay between them are the primary tools which allow us to tell our stories, and by telling them to affect the changes we want and need in the world around us.

Cyrano: Against The One Hundred is to be our first released game and we will also be starting off with the learning curve for Unity, PlayMaker and iGUI Development. So we plan to start with Cyrano ‘The Cube Wars’ and build up the game from a piece of grit, adding layer and layer of functionality and form until we get a polished pearl of a game.

For more details on the game you can see our Games page or Subscribe to our Blog to see More News as it comes in 🙂

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